Performance Reviews

"Wit, charm, virtuosity, and depth of feeling, adding up to the humanity to which all artists should aspire."
New Jersey Star Ledger

"Goluses produced an elegant sound. And the finales, taken dangerously fast, were accurate, transparent, and impressively articulated. Mr. Goluses gave persuasive, energetic readings."
The New York Times

"Goluses reached the highest levels of instrumental virtuosity."
Generalanzeiber (Bonn, Germany)

"Nicholas Goluses performed with style and finesse. He is a musician who is intelligent, sensitive, and subtly expressive. His use of rubato is among the finest heard on the guitar. Exquisite musical control."
Guitar Review (New York)

"A distinguished soloist. Goluses is very much the technician and remarkable in intensity."
Toronto Star

"Guitarist Nicholas Goluses eloquently realized the new Concerto with intense lyricism."
The Times-Picayune (New Orleans)

"Goluses’ technique and lyrical freedom were exemplary. And over the larger span I was most impressed by his sensitivity to subtleties of coloration and phrasing … immaculately and stylishly played."
The Buffalo News

"Goluses is an impeccable performer. His performance certainly confirmed his reputation that he is an expert on Bach. Nicholas Goluses played with appropriate good humor and virtuosity, with emotion and intensity."

"Goluses played with just the right rapt quality that seemed to suspend time. The virtuoso challenges were met with aplomb. Goluses played with verve."
Morning Advocate (Baton Rouge)

"Even more gratifying than the music’s sunny disposition was the chance to hear Nicholas Goluses again. The professor of guitar and director of the guitar programs at the Eastman School of Music was the soloist in the Rodrigo and Vivaldi Concerti. His warm, caramel tone and exceptional musicianship spread throughout the 3,100 seat Eastman Theatre. The Vivaldi was lovingly played, with imaginative improvisations. You could hear a pin drop. The Rodrigo was gorgeous. Goluses worked magic with the bittersweet melodies, like a singer linking poetry and music."
Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester)

"The Giuliani Concerto was a demanding vehicle that allowed Goluses to display his extraordinary virtuosity. Fleet finger work, a singing tone and deft use of effects highlighted his impressive performance.
The Savannah News-Press

"The art of the recital emerges not just in the playing, but also the programming. In his recital on the Kilbourn Concert Series, guitarist Nicholas Goluses excelled in both. The program was ingenious. From each work he drew a distinct character, humanized by his own personality and the luxuriously polished tone of his guitar. Goluses has a relaxed, yet refined playing style and he confirmed his color and voice leading acumen with flair. An exceptional début."
Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester)

"The soloists, Bonita Boyd, flute and Nicholas Goluses, guitar, played beautifully."
The New York Times

Recording Reviews

"Played with masterly control of form and substance, the musical style remains true to the letter and spirit of the Baroque. Playing with clear articulation, expressive embellishment and vibrant rhythm, Goluses makes pieces intended for a bowed instrument sound elegant on plucked strings."
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

"This recording is fine by all parameters. Nicholas Goluses’s guitar work is thoughtful, architecturally sound, rhythmically incisive and, most important, fluent. The sound is excellent, providing an aurally rewarding traversal through the glories of these incomparable pieces. The transcriptions are true to the spirit of the violin originals and, indeed, are often illuminating. A significant recording."

"Fine, solid and musical playing, exhibiting a high degree of understanding, style, and scholarship."
Classical Guitar (London)

"With his depth of scholarship, strength of technique, and high quality of tone production … there is much excellence in Goluses’s recording. Very well recorded."

"Goluses plays with much intellect and vigor. The transcriptions and the counterpoint are well conceived, and the playing clean and adept."
American Record Guide

"Nicholas Goluses [is] professor of guitar at the Eastman School of Music and has held the Segovia Chair at the Manhattan School of Music. As expected with credentials like those, he plays superlatively."

"Nicholas Goluses not only has an excellent sense of style, but also has the musical intelligence to spot good music. Goluses plays Sor’s music with a calm elegance that is touching in its directness … his performance compels the highest praise. Scholarly and professorial it may be in its accuracy, but there is true musical understanding in the performer’s well-judged expression. Make no mistake: this is highly accomplished guitar playing. Goluses’ subtlety, together with a beautiful tone, wins the day."
Classical Guitar (London)

"A deeply sensitive and dignified reading. Lovingly crafted music, which is how Goluses treats it, with lots of care lavished on it. Goluses sets a bench-mark for present-day guitarists. A disc that should be irresistible to guitarists."

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